Faster hires, Better hiring.

EGEN is a human resource (HR) management software designed to help businesses source, track and manage applicants throughout the recruitment life cycle. Professionals can filter candidates based on job title, skills or resource pool and utilize the search functionality to retrieve details of specific applicants.


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Post jobs, review applications, schedule interviews and hire, all at one place.

Improve candidate experience and make your recruitment process more efficient and unbiased to achieve exceptional hiring results.

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Make better hiring decisions faster

Improve candidate experience and make your recruitment process more efficient and unbiased to achieve exceptional hiring results

See all the candidates who have applied for your job openings, add your comments about the candidates & shortlist those who you think can be great fits.

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Win new customers,generate repeat business

With our automated lead builder and campaign manager...

Manage Leads

Identify and create leads, build pipeline, and close new opportunities with targeted emailing, automated texting, and a full view of the lead funnel

Connected Workflows

Better control of your sales projections at each stage of the funnel. 360° view of customer opportunities with integrated recruitment and human resource modules

Reports and Insights

Rich insights on opportunities based on past behavior and sales trend, and get custom reports on individual and team performance

Our Core Services

The Ultimate Recruitment Software for a Unique Hiring Process

Go beyond applicants

Top candidates no longer just apply. Find and hire the right people for your company with powerful sourcing tools that you won’t find anywhere else.

Recruit humans, not resumes

Get up to speed on any candidate in a blink, with a single historical record per person. No more clicking around to get the full picture.

Grow your talent database

New requisition? Fill your pipeline right away with candidates you already know, so you can get to interviewing faster.

Fall in love with better scheduling

Schedule interviews in minutes, not days. Let candidates book the time for 1:1 interviews, and schedule complex, back-to-back panels on one magical page.

Master your to-do list

Start every day knowing exactly what you need to do, with tasks for reviewing candidates, scheduling and rescheduling, leaving feedback, and more, built right into your candidate dashboard.

Make great hiring decisions and reduce bias

Structure your interviews with robust and customizable interview kits, so you can collect all the information you need to make confident and unbiased hiring decisions.