To tackle the most strategic problem companies face

We founded EGEN Portal in 2018 to tackle the most strategic challenge that companies face: how to grow their teams. We’re injecting the values we respect – collaboration, transparency, and humanity – into our software and re-imagining how organizations can think about growth, with talent and teamwork at the center.

Our mission at EGEN Portal is to help Startups and SMEs in automating their hiring process. Our team is working hard to make the lives of every hiring team easier than ever.

* Already growing up 5236 company

Why Choose EGEN Portal

Manage Leads

Identify and create leads, build pipeline, and close new opportunities with targeted emailing, automated texting, and a full view of the lead funnel

Connected Workflows

Better control of your sales projections at each stage of the funnel. 360° view of customer opportunities with integrated recruitment and human resource modules

Reports and Insights

Rich insights on opportunities based on past behavior and sales trend, and get custom reports on individual and team performance

Awesome Team

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Sunny khan

Executive Officer

Ajoy Das

Business Development

Afroza Mou

UX/UI Designer

Lim Sarah

Head of Marketing